Software Testing Management – Quality Test Practice At Leading Organizations

Today accelerated business operations and speedy delivery cycles are need of the time to gain maximum customer satisfaction. To assure highly reliable software product, software test management and planning are considered key steps in building quality software for most of the organizations.

Undoubtedly, this is necessary for organizations to take the strategic approach towards product quality and its maintenance. Selenium QA Testing Services At NexSoftSys assure more handy results to increase overall readiness of the application. However, it is necessary to understand for every organization that software testing is a strategic approach and it should be followed with utmost care for result – oriented product. Continue reading Software Testing Management – Quality Test Practice At Leading Organizations

Quality Testing Services Through Social Media Metrics

 Talking about the testing discipline, it is a major enabler for improving the new business outputs and better customer satisfaction. The testing techniques usually operate independently and also on the ability to integrate various aspects of the testing mechanics. Quality Testing Services are meant to provide customers with all sorts of knowledge and the information about the products and the services which are carried under the test. But, when it comes to the collaboration of testing of the social mobile analytic, it becomes quite difficult to get the hidden answers from the language. This in turn not only creates complications, but it doesn’t actually find clues as to why testing techniques are always followed.

Quality Testing Services
Quality Testing Services

Testing And Social Media Metrics

Today, majority of the organizations find it very easy to adore marketing of their brands, solutions and products on the social networking platforms such as: twitter, facebook, Youtube and yet more. A social media can run on multiple browsers and apparently different platforms operate on the different browsers for the reason of securities. Hence, the bigger problems with the social media testers is that they find it quite difficult to test and  have a sound test approach on all their social networking platforms due to the presence of bugs and related threats.

Hence, the prime responsibility of the social networking platforms is that they can expect the applications to run through the platforms very smoothly and perform all the related tests. Considering the current social media applications, there are 6 parameters that software testers need to test. They are: Usability, load, functionality, security, localization and also the performance. The software testers are deploying a number of larger compatibility testing techniques.

Listing The Testing Measures is As Follows

  •  Security testing is pivotal
  • Compatibility testing is also essential
  • Integration testing is vital
  • Performance testing
  • User profile testing
  • Browser and device testing

There are few organizations that have supported the testing services in the areas of web testing, Search engine optimization testing, Quality assurance testing, website testing, content management testing and web analytics testing.

Testing And Mobility Boosters:

These days, testing is the thing that can help in decoding with the testing strategies for the desktop applications. This in turn is one of the biggest challenges a tester faces when he is jumbled up with many problems and unique challenges. For example when we talk about the unique challenges in the multiple platforms such as operating systems, androids, mobile apps and  many others, there surely is a need to seek out new ways in ensuring that the application can work accurately on many platforms.

Testing also ensures that mobile apps should be secured from intruders and fraudsters too. Thus, this not only helps in having effective planning of the applications but also on making the right moves by gathering the right information about the products and the services. Thus, testers have developed a scientific approach to perform many scalability tests and performance tests on the devices they are working. This will not only tend to help the testers grow, but also help them in developing a comprehensive and strategic approach towards testing.

Offshore QA Testing: Testing With XP

Quality analysis is a testing practice made available on the e-commerce platform. Considering various theories and strategies that have been considered in the past, it is extremely  crucial for us, to focus on the new laws and the statements that have been used in the getting the testing answers with at most preference. These days, the highlights of the main season are the XP related issues.

Now, what exactly are those issues which have given a new dynamics to grow and expand the base in the significantly less time? To go through this, a significant new communication would help in answering the tactics and dynamics of the Quality Testing Services mechanics. Let’s put it straight forward in the next section. Continue reading Offshore QA Testing: Testing With XP

Manual QA Testing: Scripting New Ways

Let’s talk about the conditions of the large multinationals in continuing with the manual testing tools to get adjusted with the new applications on the regular basis. In many cases, the only option available is the usage of the manual testing. Manual QA Testing Service is one of the oldest yet one of the most feasible forms of testing. The tester requires creative, patient and also very innovative methods to test.

In the testing formats, manual testing plays a very crucial role in performing the testing. During this phase, smartness is the test to check the initial application which has been developed in writing the scripts.

Whenever you need to perform a manual test for any of the web-based application, it is mandatory to identify critically and also severe errors in the application and that two within a short span of time. There are different tools in order to increase the efficiency of the scripts. In many cases, the testers keep on struggling and juggling with the tests, reports and also in detecting the apps to create opportunities and also in the testing of scripts and the data.

manual testing

Factors That Make Manual QA Testing More Essential

  • Understanding of each and every concept in the functional testing is far more important.
  • When you prepare for the test cases, the major concern should be given to the areas that have bugs.
  • Test cases should cover the details off the implementation of the functionality.
  • The priorities of the test cases can be done based on the effectiveness of the application that requires high priorities.
  • In many cases, test data can be prepared in every test.
  • As per the test requirement, cross testing should be performed on different browsers and different combinations.
  • Working on previous project experiences for understanding new test scenarios.
  • The Testing application deals with the development practices that decrease the chances of locating the bugs and helping in fixing the problems which were useful in identifying the things at the starting of the testing phases.
  • Bugs that are reported should deal with the understanding of the developer at the initial stages.
  • Certain steps should be taken to fix the bugs and then consider the situation accordingly.

Challenges Taking Place In The Manual Testing

There are multiple challenges a person may face while dealing with the manual testing. The challenges are as follows

  • There should be repetitive test cases based on the test case execution.
  • Then there are problems related with manually entering of the data..
  • There is a need to work on multiple tools as well as screens.
  • Time consumption is when the issues are observed.
  • There is no tracking maintained when the test action is performed.

Solution Needed To Handle Manual QA Testing

In order to increase and deal with the effectiveness and efficiency of the manual testing, you need to know the quality and the type of product. This is the basic criteria that should be dealt with while handling manual testing.

Manual QA testing in the end-to-end zone

There can be many reasons as to why one should perform testing for a better future. But, in few cases the testers are given the application in order to test the products, take the responsibility and show how the application needs to be used based on the practicality and the testing phenomenon.

This is the must in every case. But, these days, the problem with testing your applications is quite difficult due to the presence of errors that are added into it. Now let’s just see what exactly happens when you need to conduct the test cases on all those applications. It can be explained in the theory of ‘end to end cases’. Manual QA testing is all about the testing of the products for the defects.

This is that case of testing which actually determines exactly what kind of performance is needed in the application or to judge whether the app is working correctly or not. This is all because you need to determine the various dependencies in a very systematic manner. This is done after the completion of the system and functional testing.

manual qa testing

Let’s talk about the testing procedures involved:

Basically, there are two types of testing required in the end to end testing.

  • Horizontal testing: This occurs across multiple applications. The horizontal testing deals with the multiple applications. This method occurs in the ERP system. The method includes the amount, inventory status and also the accounts.
  • Vertical testing: All the testing operations are done and the applications are verified. Every individual layer is tested that uses HTML code for web servers.

Then there are 2 methods of testings known as white box testing and black box testing methods. In that case, there is a functional and architectural approach that is used to validate the programs.

Guidelines that should be kept in mind while testing:

There are various guidelines that should be considered while performing testing. This is as follows:

  • The test cases should be done keeping in mind the user’s perspective.
  • You need to focus on few existing features.
  • There are multiple scenarios that should be considered for creating multiple test cases.
  • There are different sets of test cases which should be considered used for creating multiple scenarios while creating the system.

Why to perform end to end testing?

Today’s, modern scenario comprises of the interconnection and sub-systems. The sub-systems that we have are within the organization.

Major risks that should be avoided while testing:

  • You need to keep a check on the verification and perform the analysis.
  • You need to test the coverage areas of all the subsystems.
  • There is a need to detect the issues that rise in the subsystems.

In testing, the things differ surely on the testing procedures that we do.  There is surely a need to perform validation on the useful integration of the resources made available. There is a need to go for the external integration of resources.

Automated QA Testing: Tool To ‘Graduate’ Uis

Did you ever think Why it’s always essential to consider that automated testing of web or software is the only reason for ensuring the successful testing practices?

The reason is surely not known but, automated testing helps to fulfill the maximum return on investment (ROI) criteria. Automation QA Testing Services Tools help you in maximizing of the testing efforts and also giving the desired output. There are many tools that work around such as SoapUI and TestComplete which helps in maximizing the test effects. There is surely certain automating criterion that fits in the possibility of automated QA testing.

Testing Images 1

Let’s have a look at what procedures do the Automated QA testing requires:


  • There is a need to decide the amount of cases that need to be automated: There is a requirement of large volumes of data and also the bulk of data which can be performed for better Automated as well as manual software testing.
  • There is a test that needs to be done previously and then after: Testing is a part of automated testing and it should be done as early as possible or as late as possible. The testers get involved in the implementation of the automated testing synopsis.
  • You need to select the right automated testing tool: There is a need to select the right automated testing tool all for yourself. There surely are a lot of testing tools, but you need to select the best testing tools all by yourself.
  • There is a need to divide the testing tools all by yourselves: It is essential to identify the level of testing experiences and skills that requires automated testing of your tools.
  • There is a need to create good quality of testing data: You need to select the good quality of testing data all for your own needs. The data needs to be entered in the external files and there is also a need to understand the data well.
  • There is a need for the creation of automated tests which cannot change the UI: Automated tests are independent of the application tests. These tests can be constructed for the special user interfaces that need only applications which are half built.


There are certain automation testing benefits that need to be considered while you perform automation on the tests by using the testing efforts. For this thing, you need automation tools which will help in performing better and generating the outputs far better. The Automated Testing Services benefits require bulk of data which can be helpful in performing certain actions.

Now, just have a look on the list of benefits of the automated QA:

  • There is a requirement for the repetitive multiple tests which run for multiple builds.
  • There is a need to overcome the human error.
  • There is a test that requires multiple data sets.
  • There is a need of multiple hardware and software platforms.
  • There is also a need to devote your time and efficiency on the same.

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